98.1 FM & 1240 AM Pikeville, 1460 Elkhorn City
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The Oldies Radio Network consists of three separate radio stations, and provides the audio for the local cable advertising channel. Music, fun, and memories of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are showcased on The Oldies Radio Network. The stations continue their tradition of keeping listeners informed and entertained, carrying both local and CNN radio news.

WPKE-AM, at 1240 on the dial, has served the Pikeville area since July 31, 1949.

WEKB-AM, broadcasting 5000 watts at 1460 on the dial, is licensed to Elkhorn City near the Virginia border.

Pikeville’s local TV cable broadcasts the Oldies Radio Network audio on the local advertising channel to more than 6,000 homes throughout Pike County.

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